5 Foolproof Tricks for Brightening Any Room

Are you experiencing the winter doldrums? You might try adding a little more light at home. Plenty of tricks can help brighten your space through color, accessories and a mirror here and there. If you’re feeling a bit in the dark this season, check out the following uplifting tips to brighten your outlook.

Go white

While many shudder at the thought of all-white walls, the simple hue can be effective at transforming your interior and keeping a space light and bright. Prevent your room from appearing too monotone by accenting white walls with artwork, area rugs and furniture pieces that are saturated with color or pattern. The fresh white walls will also serve as a gallery wall backdrop to emphasize the styling of your furnishings.

all white

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Color splash

If you simply cannot abide all-white walls, consider painting the trim white and accenting it with a rich, bold color or graphic wall covering. The complement of a strong color against the white will not only brighten your space, but also make it feel extra crisp and contemporary.


Source: Zillow Digs

For a more subtle effect, paint your walls sky blue. It brings the outside in, so even on those dark evenings, you’ll feel as if you’re experiencing a sunny summer day in the yard.

The fifth wall

If you want to create visual drama in a room, consider the ceiling. Painting or wallpapering it a bright, bold color or large format pattern makes a space feel cheery and chic, regardless of whether the sun has set.

Layer on glossy white crown molding for contrast and a statement chandelier for illumination, and your room will instantly be transformed.


Source: Zillow Digs

 Leverage artwork

Artwork is one of the best ways to inject a sense of brightness into your space. Look for something colorful to make your walls come alive. Whether it is a family heirloom or something purchased online, the larger the scale and more colorful the subject, the better.

You can create a similar, yet shimmering, effect with mirrors. Not only do they look beautiful hung on the wall and grouped in vignettes, they also reflect light, adding a luminous brightness to every space.


Source: DAS Studio

Light it up

Layering is the key to creating a lighting scheme that is balanced, especially for winter months. First, identify the main activity or task light areas and put the brightest layer of light there. Next, create a middle layer of accent light to highlight interest in specific areas without detracting from the focal points. The third layer fills in the ambient or background light.

Adding dimmers can not only set a mood, but also will conserve energy. And they help you custom-tailor light in a room for multiple uses and decorative effects to brighten your space.


Source: Zillow Digs

How are you keeping your space bright this season?

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