Beach Decor for Every Home

With summer now in full swing, it’s hard to imagine going home at the end of the day to a place that doesn’t feel like a beach vacation. Coastal style doesn’t have to mean a jar of sea shells on your counter or a palm tree in your backyard. It can start with a fresh color palette and end with cocktails on your beach-style veranda.

With a new perspective on seaside decor and a few modern details, you can create your own Nantucket-themed home in no time.

Add some texture

The summer months always inspire adventure, especially when it comes to revamping your space. Incorporate woven features like sisal rugs and seagrass furnishings to liven up the room. Take it a step further by implementing texture vertically with wood blinds to recreate the perfect beach chalet.

Source: Zillow Digs

Source: Zillow Digs

Go blue

The best way to really accomplish a true Hamptons home is with the use of a blue color palette. Mix up tones, shades and patterns of blue, even including pale hues and blue-green tints to create a straight-out-of-the-ocean feel. Splash the colors across accent pillows and wall colors — even drapery panels.

Source: Zillow Digs

Source: Zillow Digs

Bring in the light

No beach sunset? No problem! Re-create a seaside spark by using glass lamps and interesting light fixtures for dining, living and bath areas. Create lighting effects throughout the home with hurricane lanterns for added ambiance.


Source: Zillow Digs

Celebrate the scenery

Sometimes less is more, especially if you have a front row seat to a naturally beautiful view. Frame out a window view with simple trim or molding, and add textiles that complement the outdoor environment.


Source: Zillow Digs

Play with pattern

What’s more East Coast beach than fun patterns? Mix and match whimsical motifs and detailed stripes with monochromatic texture on wall-coverings and fabrics. Sprinkle anchor designs and shell illustrations across the walls or on throw pillows to truly make your home a beach bungalow.


Source: changoandco

Catch a breeze

We can’t forget about the great outdoors. Make use of that old porch swing by adding throw pillows with beach-themed designs like anchors or ships to liven up your front patio. Add even more of a seaside feel with fabrics and rugs inspired by a coastal vacation — try pale coral, sea foam green or sandy beige.


Source: Zillow Digs

While you may not live on a private island, you’re sure to feel at ease in your newly renovated beach style abode. With a home as beautifully curated as a vacation resort, you might not need that tropical getaway after all.

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