Lighting Trends Throughout the Home

It’s easy in interiors to focus on one-of-a-kind artwork or a standout fabric in a room. We sometimes forget that lighting is just as important in a space — if not more.

The technological and creative developments of recent years have made the way we use light a talking point for interior designers and DIY-ers alike. Here’s a look at favorite lighting trends among both groups.

Kitchen: all around the globe

Because of its incredible ability to transform every room, the globe light is a popular lighting choice. Whether a pendant or a chandelier, its circular shape can lend a soft, feminine vibe or an edgy, industrial tone.

Big or small, globes are great decor for the kitchen, especially when hung over bars or tables for a fancy focal point. If your style is more traditional, opt for an orb with a shade for soft texture. Is modern more your thing? Take a sleek approach and cluster several globe pendants of varying sizes and lengths for an interesting installation.


Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Bedroom: totally tripod

The tripod is a fun take on your run-of-the-mill floor lamp. With a bit more pizzazz, the tripod floor lamp has a wide base, a slim body that comes to a point, and usually a large shade up top.

This style is great in reading nooks or perched next to the bed. Because of their big bodies and ornate features, these lamps work well in those areas that you just don’t know quite what to do with.

Courtesy of Nina Interior

Courtesy of Nina Interior.

Living room: over-arched and under-used

Floor lamps had fallen out of favor in recent years, but thanks to the over-arched style, they’ve made a cozy comeback. Best in the living room or den, these bendy and broad lamps act as a cool substitute for your average shade perched on the side table.

Often in cool metallic tones, these lights come in different sizes and lengths, so it’s easy to find one that fits your style. Be careful to measure the height and length accurately, though, otherwise you might knock your noggin on its solo shade.

living room

Courtesy of Chris Barrett.

Guest bedroom: stellar statement

Although the guest bedroom is secondary to your master suite, that doesn’t mean it deserves any less attention in the lighting department. If you don’t want to shell out for tons of decorative art, designer bedding, or a sitting area, add style with a bold statement light fixture.

Decorative lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, and blends with almost all decor. The bigger and more interesting, the better.

guest room

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Bathroom: task-oriented

Because it is often where you start and end your day, the bathroom is an important room to consider when choosing lighting. We all know too well the burden of putting on makeup in ill-lit rooms, or trying to shave with shadows all over the place.

The best solution for this lighting conundrum is task lighting. Task lighting is any soft light that offers shadow-free illumination, often emitting a glow only a few feet in front of the fixture.

Pick a few sconces that tie with your space’s interior design, and place them at eye-level next to the mirror so you get the best lighting morning, noon, and night. Pair with accent lighting and recessed lighting for a truly illuminated lavatory.


Courtesy of Pottery Barn.

If you’re looking to update your space or are in the market for a whole new look throughout your home, make sure you take note of the type of lighting you’ll need for each room and the decor you already have.

It’s simple to create a seamless look with this season’s lighting trends. Which is your favorite?

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