Making Your Kitchen the Best Seat in the House

Finding ways to cozy up the utilitarian elements of the kitchen can be challenging. While paint, window coverings and accessories begin to warm up the most popular room in the house, the right seating can take the space to the next level. A variety of seating options can create an interesting and inviting kitchen in your home.

Freestanding banquette

Full of design style, a freestanding banquette creates ample seating and allows your inner designer to come out. You can upholster a banquette in any fabric, so the options for sophisticated or durable choices are endless.

Tuft the back and bring on the curves for a tailored and traditional feel, or keep things straight and streamlined for a more modern look. The beauty of a freestanding banquette is that it can be repositioned into another space if you change your mind about your kitchen’s design.

freestanding banqutte

Source: Ryan McKinney

Built-in banquette

A built-in version of a banquette brings a bonus: secret storage space. Flip-top access or drawers below will keep things uber-organized in the kitchen space.

An upholstered back cleated to the wall provides patterned interest, while a three- to four-inch cushioned seat keeps things comfortable. Add a few throw pillows for those lazy mornings reading the newspaper, and you’re design ready.

built-in banquette cropped

Source: Zillow Digs

Window seat

Grab the best seat in the house for natural light and garden views via a window seat. With the ability to add storage below, the built-in base can be painted or stained any color, while cushions bring in softness, pattern and texture.

Bar stool

Set at bar height instead of counter height, bar stools can set the tone for any kitchen. Metal, fabric, wood and leather options all dictate the look and feel. Be sure to look for versions that have a foot rest and back support for added relaxation.

Counter stool

An ideal addition when countertops are all one height, counter stools that don’t have high backs conveniently tuck away when not in use.

counter stool

Source: Zillow Digs

Bar bench

If you desire more pattern and cushion bar-side, consider a bar bench. Wider than a chair and fit for two, this cozy seating option is gaining popularity. If you’re worried about the durability of upholstery, use an easily cleaned material like vinyl or Crypton to help your bench stand the test of time.

bar bench

Source: Zillow Digs

Mix and match

Mixing and matching a straight banquette seat with dining chairs can create an interesting and functional eating area. Guests can lounge on the diner-like seating, while those who are up and down or prefer a chair can be accommodated, too.

The chairs bring in their own character with added color. Don’t forget smaller seat cushions that attach to the chair seat and coordinate with the interior scheme.

So now you have permission to mix it up. You don’t have to have six matching chairs that are in the same style of the table. You can fill a booth, tuck seating into a wall and even provide storage — all in your kitchen.

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