Styling Your Mediterranean Home

No matter if you live in sunny Los Angeles or among the blizzards in Boston, a warm interior is always inviting. One reliable source of warmth is a Mediterranean styled home.

Drawing inspiration from the sand-dotted seaside, lush floral gardens, and sun-drenched dwellings, Mediterranean style is inviting and luxurious and, with this simple guide, easy to accomplish.

Curated color

The Mediterranean interior style is shaped by its proximity to the ocean and its many sun-bleached coastal attributes. The most prominent feature of this decor is the color scheme.

Bright and vibrant jewel tones pair with warm, earthy shades to strike a perfect balance between creative and cool. Hang a framed textile in a bright, fun pattern against a white or beige-toned wall, or drape deeply colored curtains near an earthy wall for the same curated contrast.

curated color

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Better with age

Another prominent feature of any Mediterranean styled living space is the furniture. Striking, elaborate, and unique, rustic furniture pairs well with both contemporary and coastal decor to create the perfect sitting area or bedroom set.

Mix and match types of old furniture for a lived-in vibe. Plush furniture with raw wood and nail heads is perfect for an ornate living room, complete with heavily patterned textiles and throw pillows.

better with age

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Terra-cotta contentment

You can’t have a chic Mediterranean space without the flooring to match. Terra-cotta or Saltillo tile has been featured in these styled spaces since they were first curated, and there hasn’t been any slowing down.

The earthy colors and cool texture of the grouting and tile are the perfect starting point or finishing touch to your European-seaside inspired space.

To prevent scratching, add a large area rug when you plan on positioning furniture on the flooring. If you aren’t keen on terra-cotta, marble and limestone are stylish substitutes.

terra cotta

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Artful arching

Step into any Spanish-style sanctuary and you’ll immediately notice the uniquely crafted doorways and windows. Dating back to the origin of Mediterranean style, arching entries and windows are used all over the house, and as often as possible. Arches also normally eschew doors to create a more open and inviting space.

If you don’t have the time or budget to construct archways, you can always paint one by blocking off a rounded edge with tape and painting it a stand-out color to give the illusion of a rounded entry.

arching small

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

If you have arched windows, don’t hang curtains or decorate them too heavily. These types of windows are best kept simple for maximum natural light and style.

Iron and wood

Last but not least, embellish your newly curated space with wrought iron accents and dark wood furniture.

Wrought iron is famous for its unique curled style, and pairs well with the warmer colors found in Mediterranean styled homes.

For light styling, choose pendant lighting with iron detail. To make it a focal point, consider using a piece of wrought iron wall art, or an elaborate gate in your courtyard.

iron and wood

Courtesy of Morey Remodeling Group.

Mix dark wood pieces with other like-colored materials such as stone, granite, tiling, and marble for an earthy vibe. Double up on the style by adding dark wood cabinetry and swapping out the hardware for wrought iron. This can also be done with doorways, shelving, and gates.

If you want your home to exude Mediterranean motif, consider rounding out the look by adding simple touches like pottery, textured paint, mosaic tiles, and colorful flatware. With this look, it’s easy to accomplish a full-blown seaside style or a comfortably curated space all your own.

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